Getting into designing some fun lab equipment and teaching aids for 3d printing - where is better to share them?

It seems wildly inappropriate to me that the state-running lottery is running ads for scratchers - am I crazy??

@BenjaminHimes For 2 years the grotjahn lab had an SSD literally just hanging by its cables in the back of our main workstation. Perfect cache drive.

@irisvirus I appreciate the mitigation strategy rather than telling me just not to worry about it 😂

@miguelb anxiety def magnified by the process of submitting grants/papers/job apps into the ether and then waiting an indeterminate amount of time to hear back (or not).

Does anyone else ever get the intense and irrational fear that extremely important emails are getting banished to the spam folder?

@BenjaminHimes didn't notice the down time but have been appreciating how snappy our server is relative to some larger ones!

Newest lab equipment set up and ready to print autoclavable parts!

Deadline to apply for the HHMI Hanna H. Gray Fellows Program is 12/7/2022
Please apply - this is a great program!

New approach described in @eLife

Defocus corrected large area cryo-EM (DeCo-LACE) for label-free detection of molecules across entire cell sections

@BenjaminHimes @eLife Correct doi is (4 at the end of the prefix). I loved reading the preprint - particularly enjoyed the use of a smaller-than-camera beam to minimize overlaps, which is just so clever. I'll enjoy reading to see how the paper was updated for final pub!


Kind of neat to get notifications when a post I boosted gets edited - I don't want to end up promoting something repulsive! Definitely a thoughtful detail.

#Introduction: I am curious about how proteins and membranes work in cells to deliver cargos. Multidisciplinary lab (with great collaborators) at UMass Chan Medical School #MembraneTraffic #Biochemistry #StructuralBiology #CryoEM #Biophysics #CellBiology #Genetics #Immunology #Exocytosis #Endocytosis #MembraneFusion
Also passionate to increase diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in #Science #Academia #DiversityInSTEM #WomenInSTEM.

Reporting harassment on Twitter 

@kristinmbranson I do worry about whether community moderation here will be able to consistently ensure a safe experience - part of why I gravitated to a server that will probably always be small enough to easily moderate.

@thorstenwagner I've been light on board games since starting a long D&D campaign in early 2021 (with labmates!) but I recently gave Azul to my younger sister and then immediately became far more obsessed with it than she was...

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Want to understand the cellular systems & pathways that drive transitions in symbiotic states? Then don't miss #EESSymbiosis and explore the evolution of species-species interactions🦠

📅 8–11 Mar
📍EMBL Heidelberg and Virtual
📣 Submit abstract: 14 Dec

I'm Ben Barad, a postdoc working with Danielle Grotjahn at Scripps Research to investigate mitochondrial fission using cryo-ET. Previously I was in the Fraser Lab at UCSF studying mammalian chitinases. I love building new methods for structural biology, and am motivated to make more open and accessible. I'll post mostly about the new science I am excited about, with a sprinkling of coffee, food, open access, tech, 3D printing, puzzles, and tabletop games.

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