Does anyone else ever get the intense and irrational fear that extremely important emails are getting banished to the spam folder?

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@benbarad Even worse, my university email keeps some messages in quarantine (not even delivered to my junk folder) and sends me a *weekly* email with a list of the messages I never got!

@miguelb anxiety def magnified by the process of submitting grants/papers/job apps into the ether and then waiting an indeterminate amount of time to hear back (or not).

@benbarad If this is a normal thing for you, set yourself a recurring reminder to skim your spam folder at the same interval that your mailbox purges it?

@irisvirus I appreciate the mitigation strategy rather than telling me just not to worry about it 😂

@benbarad Yes! And with good right, I once had a grant letter that required my response in one week or else the money would disappear go to the spam folder.

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