I'm Ben Barad, a postdoc working with Danielle Grotjahn at Scripps Research to investigate mitochondrial fission using cryo-ET. Previously I was in the Fraser Lab at UCSF studying mammalian chitinases. I love building new methods for structural biology, and am motivated to make more open and accessible. I'll post mostly about the new science I am excited about, with a sprinkling of coffee, food, open access, tech, 3D printing, puzzles, and tabletop games.

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@benbarad Tabletop games 🤩 Tell me, whats your current favourite? Me and my wife enjoying pagan right now ( )

@thorstenwagner I've been light on board games since starting a long D&D campaign in early 2021 (with labmates!) but I recently gave Azul to my younger sister and then immediately became far more obsessed with it than she was...

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