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I finally found a good use for a couple of my old laptops! Each of these would cost ~$120/month on AWS light sail. Say hello to the future server and fail over server for struct.bio!

I just used duct tape to hold an ssd in its enclosure. How's your Friday gettin going?


I have an inordinate amount of cinnamon honey butter...trying to think of some way to make a froofy shooter w/it...vanilla vodka maybe?

(My sister is visiting)

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Today's #projects: dynamic cookiecutter templates using GitHub Actions

I maintain three cookiecutter templates for starting Python projects: python-lib, click-app and datasette-plugin - I probably use one of them at least once a week

GitHub has a "template repository" feature that lets you create new repos from templates but it's very static: you only get an exact copy of the original repo

Last year I found a pattern for integrating cookiecutter and making them dynamic simonwillison.net/2021/Aug/28/

I DO appreciate all the helpful tips about features.

I DO NOT appreciate people telling me, or anyone, how to use those features, and how or what to post or not post.

If I want to treat this like twitter, then damn sure will

ThaT IS WHaT deCenTRaLized SoCiAl MeDia iS ABoUT

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Children have a right to privacy. LGBTQ+ children have a right to privacy. They are human beings with their own agency, not their parents’ property.

Anyone advocating for queer children to be outed to their parents without their full and enthusiastic consent is an abusive cunt who supports putting vulnerable young people in dangerous situations to satisfy their own disgusting bigotry, and every awful dickhead promoting this horrific, Section 28 bullshit should be jettisoned into the sun.

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I still think that #machinelearning is a misnomer. We could have called it "regression machines", "complex regression", "complex pattern generator". That eould have meant less grant money and less Nature papers, but also a lot less confusion about what #ml can and cannot do.

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Timeline of a new Mastodon user:

Day 1: this sucks servers are confusing and why is my feed empty

Day 2: why is there no quote tweet this is dumb

Day 3: mastodon better make some changes if it wants to compete with tw_tter

Day 7: hm, people are really nice here

Day 10: loving the no ads and real conversations



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#Twitter: "Gonna be pwning n00bz on my Twitch channel in 20 minutes! Follow or die!"

#Mastodon: "I am a nuclear biologist, gardener, writer, and developer. I recently rewrote the code to the entire web, baked a lovely shepherd's pie, forged a Damascus steel sword for my wife, and wrote an entire book of prayers in Old English for my children."

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One of the greats of cryoEM. His chapter in "Methods of Enzymology: CryoEM, Part B" on Helical reconstruction is so well written that even the layperson (myself as a chem undergrad) can read it and actually begin processing data. Before the point-click software generation came

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Tonight I was playing poker with a buddy and he said "Care to make this interesting?" And I said "Sure. For years I've been secretly in love with you"

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RT @CramerLab@twitter.com

Finally out: our PIC structures with +1 nucleosome. Compared to human, the yeast nucleosome is closer to the PIC and interacts with TFIIH instead of Mediator. The nucleosome may help position the PIC and define the TSS. @HaiboWang36@twitter.com @S_Schilb@twitter.com

🐦🔗: twitter.com/CramerLab/status/1

It's not that I think adults that *really* love Disney are too weird - they're just not my kinda weird

small but slightly more enthusiastic majority (the !!)

I realize migrating may sound overwhelming after most of us just landed here, but if you can still vote, this makes a real world difference with some fairly costly (time && $$) decisions on my end

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Would you move to @struct.bio for a more focused feed?

Please 🍋BOOST🍋and @ friendlys in the replies!

If there is enough interest, I'll bring this online for Dec 1

-------💜 ben

After a couple weeks on I am really impressed. I spun up the .social instance, but am now wondering if a instance would be more useful to the community?

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I've closed my Twitter account, leaving behind almost 11,000 followers in favor of the 210 I have here. This decision was tough to make, but it was principled. Elon Musk is trying hard to open the door for the DTs and MTGs of the world, and if they seize more control, he will have something to do with it. It's time to wound him, even if that means wounding Twitter first. I've had enough.

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A fantastic recognition of these amazing scientists' contributions! 🥳
Congratulations to @KellyTHD_Nguyen, @bwfalcon and LMB alumni, @BolandLab_GE and @M_Hospenthal, for being elected @EMBO_YIP!

Read the full news story here: www2.mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk/embo-an

#LMBNews #LMBAlumni #telomeres #DNAreplication #neurodegenerative #diseases

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